Feature Films

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences defines a feature film as having a runtime of over 40 minutes in length.

Groomzilla (2016) Comedy, 59 Minutes – One groom’s pursuit to plan the perfect wedding causes a path of destruction, nearly destroying all of his relationships in the process.

Repo Team 2: Repo This! (2011) Comedy/Action, 56 Minutes – In 2006, an elite team was assembled to fight against injustice. Now a dark figure threatens to destroy the members of the Repo Team. Can this new team band together to stop this menace before its too late? This time, they’ll face twice the action, twice the insanity, and they’ll be going in twice as hot!

*You can find the first Repo Team on the “Short Films” page.

Pull Stop (2011) Drama, 68 Minutes – A woman learns about society and herself when forced to ride the city bus for one year.

The Dead Hate Their Late Fees (2005) Comedy/Horror, 62 Minutes – A group of video store employees are locked inside the haunted building on Halloween night and now find themselves under siege by the undead!

The Manager (2005) Comedy, 108 Minutes – When the video rental store owners go on vacation, they leave their trusted manager in charge. But his rise to power soon turns into a towering nightmare for all the other employees.


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