Screenwriting/Script Consultation & Editing

“I am hugely impressed.  What you have written reflects the time and energy you have invested.  Your comments have been consistently insightful.  Thank you for all your contributions.  It has been a great pleasure!” – Cai Emmons, 2003 Ken Kesey Award Winner

Andrew Murga has a Bachelor in Screenwriting from the University of Oregon, has written dozens of short and feature length screenplays, and has been offering script consultation and editing for several years (fee determined by the number of pages in your script).

Consultations Include:

  • Editing for Grammar, Spelling, Screenplay Format & Structure, etc.
  • Detailed Feedback on Title & Concept/Premise (two most important aspects of selling your script)
  • Detailed Feedback on Characters (Depth, Back-Story, Development, Story Arch/Hero’s Journey, Wants, Needs, Desires, Fears, Motivations, etc.)
  • Detailed Feedback on Plot (Structure, Efficiency, Pace/Flow, Scene Structure, Scene Points, Inciting Incident, Rising Action, Dark Night of the Soul, Climax, Resolution, etc.)
  • Detailed Feedback on Dialogue (Realistic Sound, Emotional Impact, Humorous vs. Hurtful, On-the-Nose vs. Direct, Depth of Subtext, etc.)
  • Feedback on Script Killers (how sellable your script is to a producer regarding Copyrights/Trademarks, Budget, Marketing, Target Audience, Distribution, etc.)
  • Outline on Revision Suggestions (regarding ALL aspects of your script)
  • Feedback on Outline, Treatment, Loglines, Query Letters, Pitches, etc. (Available for Additional Fee)
  • Expedited 2-3 Day Turnaround (Available for Additional Fee)

On the fence?  Read this article about whether script consultations are right for you.

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