Upcoming Projects

Writing & Marketing of Original Screenplays are always ongoing.  Please feel free to inquire about Writing Mentorships, Writing Partnerships, Intellectual Property Sales and other opportunities at: andrewmurga@gmail.com.

Editing Internet Killed the Video Store – An original music video spoofing the classic 80’s song “Video Killed the Radio Star.”

Pre-Production – Wins & Losses: A Portrait of a Coach – MHS & Oregon Sports Hall of Famer, Nick Robertson, is the 2nd winningest high school basketball coach in Oregon’s history, but the full impact of his 42 year career has added up to much more than just wins and losses.

Nick Robertson 2010-2

Pre-Production – R.I.P. City – The NBA’s Trail Blazers haven’t brought a championship to Portland since 1977, their first year ever in the playoffs, but fans still continue to stand firmly behind one of sports most heart-breaking teams. This documentary analyzes the franchise through the eyes of their die-hard fans.

Andrew Murga Productions is always looking for assistance from dedicated amateurs and professionals alike.  Mostly, assistants are approved on a strictly volunteer basis, other than the compensation of credit and food services.  However, some projects offer financial compensation depending on funding and experience.

We are currently seeking writers, cast, and crew for a new YouTube comedy series.

Contact andrewmurga@gmail.com for more details.


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