Below are several testimonials from many satisfied customers…

“I have known Andrew Murga for nearly 15 years and seen him continue grow as a filmmaker. Andrew is very professional, willing to work with the client to meet their needs, and provides quality work that clients are happy with.” – Nancy M. 2015

“I am a holistic health practitioner and life coach. I first used Andrew Murga Productions for a professional informational series for my website. I had never been on video, I knew what I wanted to say but I had no idea how to bring it alive. Andrew was so professional, so confident, so compassionate and knowledgable that all my fears and apprehensions disappeared.  I don’t normally give a 5 star review, but Andrew delivered an extraordinary experience and product beyond my hopes and expectations. Unless he falls off the planet, I can’t imagine using anyone else for my future projects.” – Stephanie J. 2015

“Andrew did video for my daughter’s wedding and was phenomenal!:-) He communicated clearly and effectively. He was quick to respond to questions and good to follow up when needed. I was grateful for his professionalism, quality of work and reasonable pricing. On the day of the wedding he was punctual and did a great job of capturing the key moments while staying in the background. The video was fantastic and our whole family has enjoyed reliving the day!:-) I have known Andrew for over a decade. He has impressed me by his strong work ethic as well as the great quality of his work. I highly recommend Andrew Murga Productions!!” – Dana S. 2015

“We stayed up until after 1 AM laughing and crying as we got to enjoy the wedding again!  I awoke this morning to see the scene repeated as the video was being watched again over our cup of coffee, warming our hearts and lives.  You did a wonderful job!  Thank you!” – Dana S. 2014

“Thanks a ton for sending us an extra DVD from the MHS Sports Hall of Fame.  We loved it and look forward to watching it again.” – John R. 2013

“Thank you so very much for the commercial.  It is incredibly awesome!  We’ve had great feedback.  You are an instrumental part of our making this bigger and better every year.  Thanks again so much!” – Marianne M. 2009

“Thank you for putting the video together for the family reunion.  It brought back such wonderful memories.  Thanks for the DVD’s.  That was so nice of you to make them for everyone.” – Karen W. 2008

“Thank you for the family DVD.  I love the music you added.  It is perfect.  It is so fun looking back.  It makes me realize I need to use my own camera more.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!” – Sheila P. 2008

“Thanks so much for putting the DVD’s together for the family reunion.  Mom and Dad really enjoyed it and it meant so much to them.” – Kathy L. 2008

“We are all so grateful to you for videotaping our service.  You did a very professional job.  Thank you so much for taking pictures as well.  God bless you and thank you.” – Katie B. 2007

“Thank you SO much for all the time you’ve taken this year to help me with my senior project.  I could not have passed without you.  You gave me lots of valuable information, all with a smile on your face and with the attitude that you would help in any way you could.  Because of you I was able to get my movie done.  Thank you again for everything.  You answered all my questions fully and the information you gave me about independent filmmaking was priceless.” – Alysse P. 2007

“Thanks so much for the awesome wedding video.  It meant so much!” – Emily M. 2007

“I would like to take this opportunity to sing the praises of Andrew Murga Productions and their staff.  They were able to edit and transform the recording so that the final copy is indeed a keepsake for me and our families.  The final product is so professionally done.  I would highly recommend Andrew Murga Productions for any video production job.  They are truly professional and extremely adept at their work.” – Carolyn S. 2006

“Thank you for the beautiful wedding video.  You have a rare talent and a great future.” – Debbie K. 2006

“We loved your film: The Dead Hate Their Late Fees.  We laughed our butts off and even got a little scared!!  Great cinematography!  Great job and looking forward to your next one!” – Geri & Jon P. 2005


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